Simon & Fig is an independent publisher based in Los Angeles and born out of a desire to showcase strong voices that traditional publishers might overlook. The publishing industry is going through major changes, and in that process, many talented voices aren’t being heard. The “big six” are sticking to the tried and true and many new authors are not getting the opportunities that were available just five years ago. At the same time, self-publishing has exploded onto the scene with opportunities to publish electronically for little investment.

What sets Simon & Fig apart is that while we embrace the independent spirit of self-publishers, we also value the experience and craftsmanship of the traditional houses. We are selective in what we publish, ensuring that our readers get quality stories that are well-written, well-edited, and professionally designed. We bring a decade of experience to the process and a passion for storytelling that is unmatched.

We’re small, but what we lack in size, we make up for in heart. When you pick up a Simon & Fig title, you know a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the making of it. From the engaging prose to the eye-catching cover, you can be assured that true love of story guided every step in the process. We didn’t get into this business to make loads of money (although that would be nice!). We got into this business to provide an outlet for all those voices that otherwise might not be heard. Simon & Fig is a labor of love, and hopefully, you’ll love what we’re doing as much as we do.

Happy Reading!