Authors at Work: Lucie Simone

Today, it’s our Editor-In-Chief, Lucie Simone, who shares her writing (and editing) space with us. Basically, this is where all the magic happens! Well, a lot of it anyway.


I have a Macbook Air, which means my office is pretty darn portable. Sometimes it’s the sofa, sometimes it’s my balcony, sometimes it’s a coffee shop, and sometimes it’s an airplane. But when I need to edit, I need a proper desk and a big monitor (the better to catch those misplaced commas!). But I live in Los Angeles, where a home office is definitely a luxury I cannot afford! Instead, I have a computer armoire!


I just plug my laptop into the monitor, pull up my cushy chair (which usually has to be wrestled away from my cat), fix a cup of tea, and I’m good to go…for hours! Editing is one of those things I like to do in a single sitting (if possible) so I don’t lose any story threads that may slip away if I take too long of a break. Formatting also happens in a single sitting, but that’s usually because I just want to get it done! Formatting is a truly tedious task, but oh so important to ensure print and ebook editions look as good as they read!


And to help me get through those long hours staring at my monitor, I make sure that my space is as zen as possible. With a little Buddha statue overlooking my work, and maybe a mixture of lavender and lemon essential oils burning in the background, I can focus on the story in front of me and catch any goofs, typos, or errant commas (my nemesis!). And when the job is done, I just close up the armoire and tuck it all away for another day. 


And then it’s back to the sofa where I write with a cat sitting on either side of my lap (and sometimes in my lap). 


About Lucie Simone

Lucie Author Pic 2013

Lucie Simone has a passion for travel, yoga and all things Chick Lit. She is the author of the novels, Hollywood Ending and Picture Perfectand the novellas, “Aprez Vous” (which was featured in the anthology, Petit Four), “A Taste of Italy,” and “The Waterdance.”  She also has a degree in Journalism and a Master of Fine Arts in Television Production. She lives in the foothills overlooking Los Angeles where she is at work on her third novel.  For more information on Lucie, please visit her website.