Name That Book!

It might be 90 degrees in Los Angeles, but we’re getting in the Christmas spirit around here!


Simon & Fig is excited to announce a fun contest to name its upcoming Christmas anthology – due out mid-November! This anthology features six stories of Christmastime cheer, capturing the festive and hopeful spirit of the holiday season with humor, romance, and lots of charm! But it needs a title! Leave a comment with your suggestion and the winning entry will get a free e-copy of any current Simon & Fig title, plus a $15 Amazon gift card!

For a little inspiration, below are the titles of the six individual stories by author, some of whom you may already know and love and others you’re sure to adore as much as we do!

Secret Santa by Libby Mercer
Ice Dating by Nancy Scrofano
Twelve Drummers Drumming by Laura Chapman
Christmas at Mulberry Farm by Cindy Arora
A Very Dixie Christmas by Lauren Clark
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe by Isabella Louise Anderson

The deadline to enter your title suggestion is Tuesday, September 10th. The winning entry will be announced on Thursday, September 12th. Good luck!

Happy Title-Thinking-Upping!


  1. Mistletoe & Merriment

  2. Christmas Potpourri

  3. Our Kind of Christmas

  4. Janet Eve Josselyn says:

    Magical Mistletoe Moments

  5. Kathy Kotschwar says:

    Merry & Bright

  6. Great choices, ladies! Thanks for entering the contest!

  7. Lora Roberts says:

    Holiday Harmony!

  8. Christmas Tales with Christmas Bells

  9. Mary Preston says:


  10. Megan Grimes says:

    Joy to the Eggnog