**We are currently only seeking Christmas submissions for fall 2017**

First, it’s probably best to know what we are NOT looking for: Short Stories, Novellas, Romance, Horror, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, Steampunk, Erotica, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Young Adult, Children or Graphic Novels. Why do we not want to see these genres? Because there are many publishing houses out there who specialize in them and are highly successful at it.

So, what do we want to see? We’re looking for captivating novels ranging from 70,000 to 90,000 words in Chick Lit (all subgenres), Women’s Fiction, Lad Lit (think Nick Hornby), and Romantic Comedy. Why only these genres? Because this is what we read and love. And just like when you’re told to “write what you know,” we believe in publishing what we know.

Why publish with Simon & Fig when there are so many other small presses to choose from? Because we are a niche publisher focusing on one segment of the industry, one book at a time. If you publish with Simon & Fig, you can trust that you’re working with an editor who not only knows and understands your genre, but loves it.

What also sets Simon & Fig apart from many small presses is that we still follow the traditional publishing model. We don’t believe in rushing to upload an ebook. We take our time to edit, format, design, and produce a quality book both for print and digital distribution. We also believe in pre-publication reviews and blog tours. These take time to arrange, typically 3 to 6 months. So, while we’re faster than the big New York publishers, we aren’t going to slap your book up on our website and then forget about you, leaving you to market and promote your book by yourself. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you make your mark on the literary world.

We’re small, and we like it that way. That means that we aren’t going to publish three books a week. We can afford to keep our catalog limited to only the best of the best. So, as an author, you have time to hog the spotlight, not having to worry about getting bumped by the latest release only days after your novel debuts.

So, if you’re looking for that perfect blend of indie spirit and traditional publishing sensibilities, we encourage you to submit your query for consideration. Please email a one to two paragraph synopsis of your story (similar to what you’d find on the back cover of a book) along with a brief bio, including any previous writing or publishing experience, as well as your contact information. If we’re interested in reading your manuscript, we will email you with a request to see more. Please allow six weeks for a response.

Happy writing!